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Quick Facts
Tuition & Fees: $2670  /  $2670
School Size: 495
Institutional Control: Private nonprofit
Coed Status: 40.2020202020202% Men, 59.7979797979798% Women
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Blackfeet Community College

Blackfeet Community College is most commonly known as BCC. The College is a public two-year Tribally Controlled Community College located on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Browning, Montana.

Blackfeet was first established through a Tribal Charter by the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council in 1974, and receives funding through the Tribally Controlled Community Colleges Assistance Act. In 1994 BCC was granted "Land Grant" status and is identified as a 1994 Land Grant Institution.

The majority of the student population lives and works on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. In 2001, the College began to planning for the delivery of academic college courses through the internet. In 2003 BCC offered its first schedule of courses on-line through the internet. As the Colleges capability to provide on-line courses, the College will continue to grow and provide improved services to the rural Reservation area and to tribal members who live off the Reservation.

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