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1621 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive
Little Rock, Arkansas 72202-6068
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Quick Facts
Tuition & Fees: $8040  /  $8040
School Size: 899
Institutional Control: Private nonprofit
Coed Status: 66.85205784204672% Men, 33.14794215795328% Women
Toll Free:
Arkansas Baptist College

Arkansas Baptist College offers curricula leading to the degrees of Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice, Business Administration, Public Administration, Human Services, and Religious Studies. Associate of Arts degree programs are offered in Business Administration, Public Administration, and Religious Studies.

The minimum length of all curricula leading to a baccalaureate degree is four years. A student may complete a four-year curriculum within three calendar years provided he/she takes full advantage of summer sessions. The first two years of study are devoted primarily to liberal arts, with an essential foundation laid for later specialization. This plan has outstanding merit since an understanding of the physical and social environment and of the possibilities for usefulness in it, is basic to an understanding of effective professional procedures.

The emphasis in the last two years is given to further growth in the field of the student's major's interest. Internships and other service learning programs are reserved for near the completion of the student's course work.

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