Willamette University College of Law alumna nominated for Oregon’s attorney position

High school students who wish to work for the U.S. government can benefit from earning advanced degrees or certifications. For example, President Barack Obama nominated Willamette University College of Law alumna Amanda Marshall - who earned a Juris Doctor degree from the school in 1995 - as Oregon's U.S. attorney, the university reports.

The nomination gave her the opportunity to become the state's top federal prosecutor. The roles of U.S. attorneys include prosecuting criminal cases brought by the federal government, defending and prosecuting civil cases in which the U.S. is a party, and collecting debts owed to the federal government that are not collectible through administrative means.

"Amanda Marshall has shown an unwavering commitment to justice throughout her career," Obama said in a White House press release. "I am confident she will continue to serve the people of Oregon with distinction."

Marshall has been the attorney in charge of the Oregon Department of Justice's child advocacy division, where she has gained respect statewide for working with cases of abused and neglected children.

Before joining the Justice Department in 2001, she worked as a deputy district attorney in Coos County, Oregon.

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