Warren Wilson College hosts annual community Work Day

Warren Wilson College (WWC) in North Carolina was founded in 1894 on a philosophy of sustainability. The school is driven by a threefold "Triad" principle of academics for the mind, work for the hands and service for the heart, WWC reports.

A major goal of the Triad Education program is to lead students into considered reflection on the meaning and value of work and service to others. The school seeks to assist students in developing awareness of their own and other cultures, the commonality of human problems and the diverse nature of the world.

One of the things that set WWC apart from other schools is its annual Work Day – a day in which the campus community joins to work on a variety of outdoor projects. Classes are not held on Work Day - instead, students report to work crews in the morning. After lunch, students, faculty and staff gather outside the student center before going to various campus locations to work on a collection of projects.

Work Day invariably leaves the Swannanoa river valley campus in the Blue Ridge Mountains looking more beautiful at the end of the day.

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