Warner Pacific College offers religious worship studies

Students interested in continuing practicing their religion while earning their education may want to explore what Warner Pacific College has to offer.

Individuals who want to write for a living may be happy to know that Mel White attended Warner Pacific College. He is an American clergyman and author who wrote speeches for televangelists such as Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Billy Graham. He also served as a behind-the-scenes member of the Evangelical Protestant movement during the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

The school is also home to a presidential candidate in Gene Amondson, who ran under one faction of the Prohibition Party recently. He was well known for his anti-alcohol activism. He graduated from Warner Pacific College with a bachelor's degree in zoology.

Oregon House of Representatives member Vic Gilliam also graduated from the school. He is also a part-time actor and a member of the Screen Actors Guild who has appeared in one episode of the television series Leverage.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment opportunities for authors and writers are expected to increase by 15 percent in the coming years.

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