University of the Cumberlands offers religious students a new community

Individuals who have a strong attachment to their religion may worry that they will lose touch with their faith if they choose to leave home to pursue higher education. However, there are many colleges and universities that can offer degree seekers a religious comfort zone.

For instance, the University of the Cumberlands in Kentucky has a very specific religious affiliation, according to the school's website. While other colleges typically identify with major denominations - such as Catholicism, Lutheranism or Judaism - this institution is aligned with the Kentucky Baptist Church.

According to the Kentucky Baptist Convention website, the religion was born of the Southern Baptist denomination. Both sects are rooted in the efforts of Baptist pioneers who traveled through the Allegheny Mountains to bring their Gospel of Christ to the West.

In line with the doctrine of the Kentucky Baptist religion, the school is home to a Service/Work and Leadership Program, which aims to give students opportunities to conduct service and hone their leadership skills. Upon graduation, a Service Leadership Transcript is added to each degree seeker's academic record. 

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