Segway engineer speaks at University of New Haven

As part of its engineering lecture series, the University of New Haven's (UNH's) Tagliatela College of Engineering in Connecticut hosted a free public lecture called Humans in The Loop. The event - which was lead by John Morrell, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science - discussed Morrell's research on the area of human/machine interface.

His studies focus on feedback and control of machines, using the kinesthetic and haptic senses. Prior to his position as Yale, Morrell was the director of systems engineering at Segway - the company behind the two-wheeled, dynamically stabilized human transporter.

For six years, he led the development of many of the technologies for the Segway Personal Transport, including fault-tolerant control architectures, closed-loop control algorithms and the implementation into production software. He has accrued more than 30 patents that are related to balancing transportation devices.

Before his employment at Segway, Morrell worked for Dean Kamen, who is the inventor of the Segway transporter. He also held a position at Deka Research and Development as the lead control engineer on the IBOT, which is a device that allows physically disabled people to climb stairs and stand at eye-level using dynamic stabilization technology. 

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