University of Georgia showcases school spirit with new mascot

High school students who wish to enroll in a university that boasts ample team spirit may be suited for the University of Georgia. The college's living English bulldog has a decades-long lineage. The school also has "Hairy Dawg," which is a human being in a giant bulldog costume, but he does not garner as much enthusiasm as Uga, ESPN reports.

The school's new mascot, Uga VIII, made his debut at a homecoming game versus Vanderbilt University in Sanford Stadium, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. An interim replacement bulldog named Russ had been used as a replacement for Uga VII, but he relinquished his position when Uga VIII underwent a "collaring ceremony." The 55-pound white English Bulldog wore a "G" sweater and family collar.

Since 1956, Uga the bulldog has walked the sidelines of all UGA football games. Sonny Seiler, of Savannah, owns the line of white English bulldogs that have served as Georgia's mascot. Seiler previously said there were several candidates to be Uga VIII but that all were too young to assume the role at the start of the season. 

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