University of Arkansas boasts entertaining marching band

Musicians who wish to obtain higher education may benefit from enrolling in a school that offers diverse musical opportunities. For example, the University of Arkansas' Razorback Marching Band aims to entertain fans during half-time shows, according to a press release. />
For instance, each Halloween, the band performs a spooky-themed show. One year, they combined songs for a Monster Mash Up - with audience participation.

The show began with a "50's throwback," during which the band played more than marched, while skits were acted out on the field involving zombies, Batman, the Phantom of the Opera, Iron Man and Big Red - the school's mascot.

Chris Knighten, director of the marching band, said that there was a trend on campus called flash mobs, where crowds of people show up somewhere and dance. He added that there was also a zombie craze, and the band combined those to try and create a zombie flash mob during the grand finale.

The idea was for the fans in the stands to do a Michael Jackson "zombie dance" during the song. Instead of trying to teach people the complex moves during half time, band members made an instructional video and posted it on their YouTube site.

The Arkansas Alumni Association streamed the show live for free through the RazorVision website.  


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