Trinity Christian College students work with Chicago Coalition for Homeless

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that overall employment of social workers and therapists is expected to increase over the next several years. Those who wish to launch careers in this field may want to consider enrolling at Trinity Christian College in Illinois, which gives its students the opportunity to gain real-world experience.

According to a press release, social work students at the school can learn about and practice advocacy as well as lobbying at the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless. The opportunity arose because the Coalition had been asking the state for educational programs and social services. The students at Trinity decided that they would help the organization and gain valuable experience in the process.

Each year, the class goes to the state capital in order to learn about lobbying and meet with state representatives.

"The trip to Springfield allowed our class to better understand the state legislative process," said Alyssa Mulder, a student at the school. "It was interesting to find out how much access we actually have to our representatives. Even though they are busy, they still take time to meet with their constituents to hear about issues that are impacting the people in their district."

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