Transylvania University hosts knitting trends art exhibit

Transylvania University in Kentucky offers students an opportunity to explore current trends through their interest of study. For example, a group at the school created an exhibit called "Dropping Stitches: Knitting Trends in Contemporary Art."

The display, which featured the work of local artists and the Transylvania knitters, collectively In the Loop, was created to highlight and reflect the recent pattern of knitting resurgence in popular culture. Themes that were presented included materiality, activism through crafting, knitting as guerrilla art and knitting as a protest model.

In the Loop created a special installation for the exhibit and offered free knitting lessons in the gallery.

Lacey Jane Roberts, one of the artists featured in the display, creates large-scale site-specific knitted installations, which she makes with children's toy knitting cranks. Her works have been featured in he Bedford Gallery, the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Folk Art, the Headlands Center for the Arts, Southern Exposure as well as Naomi Arin Contemporary Art. In addition, Roberts has received numerous awards for her works.

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