The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey wins NACA Graphic Arts Competition

Stockton After Hours - an evening programming series that offers social, cultural and interactive activities after normal business hours to students who attend The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey - was recognized during the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA) Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, the school reports in a press release.

The college competed in the NACA Graphic Arts Competition, which aims to recognize the talents of NACA members and to display outstanding promotional materials that are prepared for campus programs.

Stockton After Hours offers 14 different entertainment programs, including movie nights, game show competitions, coffee houses, crafts and karaoke, and each program has its own logo.

Joseph Lizza, Stockton's assistant director of the Campus Center for Operations and Programs, explained that a series of logos, designed by the College's Graphics department for the Stockton After Hours program, was entered into the competition.

Gary Schenck came up with the overall Stockton After Hours theme design and created each of the logos. Schenck earned a bachelor's degree in graphic design from the college in 1996. He has since worked as a graphic artist in Stockton's graphics department. 

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