St. John Fisher College hosts pro-female athlete event

Graduating from college has become a necessary step in the educational path of many Americans. The U.S. Department of Labor recently projected that in the coming decade, 90 percent of new high-growth, high-wage jobs will require some postsecondary education.

Those who wish to attend a school that emphasizes social equality may want to consider enrolling at St. John Fisher College in New York, as the school supports organizations such as the National Association for Girls and Women in Sport (NAGWS). The Cardinal Courier Online reports that the university held an event to raise funds for the organization, which works for gender equality for women in all sports at any skill level.

The event featured a seesaw that was kept in motion by faculty, staff and students for 12 hours straight, according to the news source. Participants paid one dollar to ride the teeter-totter for one minute. In addition, T-shirts that read "I support female athletes" were sold.

The schools raised $700 for NAGWS.

Emily Dane, Fisher's Sports Management program director, told the news source that she hopes National Girls and Women in Sports Day will become an annual tradition.

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