Sierra Nevada College president annually attends sustainability summit

Students who are passionate about the environment may benefit from enrolling in a school that is focused on sustainable practices.

Each year, environmental leaders and advocates from a variety of organizations and agencies in the Lake Tahoe Basin-area gather for a day-long summit at Sand Harbor, Nevada to discuss future sustainability practices. Sierra Nevada College president, Richard Rubsamen, has been a guest speaker several years in a row, the Tahoe Daily Tribune reports.

The group, dubbed the Tahoe Sustainability Congress, arrives by water ferry, kayak, bus, bike and electric cars, rather than gas-powered vehicles, according to the school, in an effort to "help realize the recently completed Tahoe Prosperity Plan, which seeks to position Lake Tahoe as a leader in geotourism, green technology and health."

Congress participants brainstormed on how activities that motivate acts of conservation can become the cornerstone of Tahoe's new economy and prosperity, according to the Sustainable Tahoe press release.

Workshops like these seek to incorporate geotourism with green innovation from around the globe. 

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