Seton Hill University offers award-winning music groups

High school students who wish to launch careers in the music industry may want to consider enrolling in a college that can boast a well-known music program. For example, Seton Hill University's Pipe Band was awarded the title of "Best Local Pipe Band" within a 100-mile radius of Pittsburgh, the school reports.

"The pipe bands have a long history and initially started as military bands. The Scottish Regiments often used pipers, and later bands, to march into battle," Pipe Major A.G. Lee, Jr., told the school's reporter. "Today, there are numerous pipe bands around the world. We are proud to represent Seton Hill and its tradition of supporting music education and community music."

The university's faculty members also contribute to musical projects, as they host a jazz concert each month. The quintet features Ted DiSanti, associate professor of music, trumpet; Tom Glovier, adjunct instructor of music, piano; Bob Insko, adjunct instructor of music, bass; and Kevin McManus, adjunct instructor of music, trombone. R.J. Heid, adjunct instructor of music, will accompany on drums.

Since 1918, the music program at Seton Hill University has sought to educate musicians who will think and act critically, creatively and ethically, according to the school. 

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