Salem State University invites beer legend to speak to students

Entrepreneurs and other professionals in the business industry have the opportunity to turn their passion into a career. In order to demonstrate this to its students, Salem State University's Bertolon School of Business invited Jim Koch, creator of Samuel Adam Lager and founder of the Boston Beer Company, to speak to students.

Koch, who has degrees in law and business, worked as a management consultant for The Boston Consulting Group before brewing his family recipe for "Louis Koch Lager" in mass production. Less than six weeks after the beer - which was renamed Samuel Adams Lager - was produced for release, it was voted as "the best beer in America" at The Great American Beer Festival.

Boston Beer Company has garnered more international beer tasting awards than any other brewery across the globe.

Individuals who wish to launch businesses based on their passions may want to consider earning a degree at Salem State University. The Bertolon School of Business offers bachelor's degrees, an MBA and several certificate programs. Jim Koch's speech was part of the Agganis Forum series, which invites successful professionals to speak to business students.

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