Saint Joseph’s College offers exceptional nursing program

The nursing industry is currently being restructured and given more duties after national healthcare reforms were passed. As such, many individuals are seeking programs to enroll into to take advantage of job opportunities in the growing industry.

Saint Joseph's College in Brooklyn, New York provides an exceptional nursing program for students interested in earning a postsecondary and postgraduate degree. Individuals are required to complete two components - a liberal arts and a nursing curriculum - to earn their diploma in this field.

Students can then enroll in the master's degree program, which includes theory- and ethics-based classes. Furthermore, learners will take pharmacology classes to help educate them on the clinical applications of the major drug classifications as well as safe and competent use of drug therapy.

The crux of the master's program is the advanced research portion. These courses are designed to focus on the role of evidence-based clinical duties. The curriculum explores the philosophical issues related to the use of the scientific method in nursing.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for registered nurses are expected to increase by 22 percent over the coming years.

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