Rochester College gives new students free laptops

Financial aid and student incentives can make some schools more attractive than others. Individuals who wish to enroll in a school with a Christian-based curriculum may want to consider Rochester College (RC) in Michigan, as the institution provides freshmen and qualifying transfer students with new MacBooks, according to RC.

Each year, new students line up to receive their new computers. Larry Norman, chair of the school's department of business and professional studies, and five enrollment officers distribute the laptops, the RC blog reports.

The purpose of the program is to get learners involved in the latest technology.

First-time and transfer students who have earned fewer than 30 credit hours qualify for the MacBooks. If they remain at RC for six semesters, their computer is completely free. Students who leave before the allotted amount of time are asked to pay a prorated fee.

The school was the first college in the state of Michigan to offer free MacBooks to freshmen. After the incentive was implemented, RC established campus-wide wireless Internet access.

The warranties are in the students' names, and the laptops do not have to be returned after graduation. 

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