Queens College CUNY conducting borough history research project

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, archivists, curators and museum technicians can work for governments, zoos, colleges, universities, corporations as well as other institutions that require experts to preserve important records and artifacts. These professionals preserve important objects and documents, including works of art, transcripts of meetings, photographs, coins and stamps as well as historic objects.

Students who wish to pursue careers in this field may benefit from enrolling at Queens College City University of New York (CUNY), as the school boasts an ongoing memory research project, Your Nabe reports. The initiative was created in an effort to record the lives of some of the 2 million residents who live in the borough.

"History is on the street corners," said Benjamin Alexander, director of Special Collections and Archives at the college. "Like Queens itself, this project is complex and dynamic. We're not doing traditional archiving of materials from the past. Instead, we want to engage the historical process of Queens in real-time and create a website that captures the borough's democratic, pluralistic history."

Upon completion, the Queens Memory Project will include photographs, news clippings and resident interviews.

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