Palm Beach Atlantic University hosts annual bug race during Homecoming week

Secondary students who wish to attend a college that displays school spirit may benefit from enrolling in a university that offers exciting Homecoming activities. For example, Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA) holds the Annual Great American Bug Race during Homecoming week, the school reports in a press release.

The event is held at Orthoptera Downs, which is on the PBA campus. The race is usually attended by several hundred people and often attracts media, such as the Florida Leader-UF - which named the race the Best Homecoming Event for three different years- and CNN as well as local radio and TV stations.

Cost for participation is minimal - $1 for registration and 50 cents for a bug, or students can bring their own insects. Commemorative T-shirts are available as well.

For the race, two sets of concentric tracks are set up, where roach coaches gather in the inner circle, and place their contestants under a glass bowl on the outside perimeter. At a signal from a professor of biology, contestants are released. The first bug to cross the finish line is deemed as the winner. 

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