Dallas County Community College hosts annual academic Super Bowl

Students who wish to enroll an online program often have the opportunity to attend school events. At Dallas County Community College (DCCC), even web-based students can participate in programs such as the African-American Male Academic Bowl.

The program features a day of intense competition and mental focus, and involves several hundred African-American young men in grades four through seven who attend school in Dallas County, the school reports in a press release. The event, which is the area's Super Bowl of brainy competition, aims to address the achievement gaps, plus academic and social pitfalls, that face African-American males. Starting at the elementary and middle school levels is key, based on a number of academic studies.

DCCC students act as the teams' coaches. These individuals must be 21 years of age or older, and they are required to participate in a brief orientation, which is conducted by the event committee. Each coach supports a team of three young men.

"The African American Male Academic Bowl is designed to liberate, validate and accentuate passion among African-American males to excel in school and beyond," said David Robinson, director of the event and coordinator in DCCCD's outreach office.

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