O’More College of Design boasts award-winning artist-in-residence

O'More College of Design students have the opportunity to learn from award-winning artists-in-residence. The school has hosted such widely known designers as Bill Miller, a three-time Grammy Award winner.

He is best known for co-writing songs with Nanci Griffith, Kim Carnes and Michael Martin Murphy, and touring with Eddie Vedder, Arlo Guthrie and Richie Havens, among others. His artwork has been on display in The National Museum of the American Indian at the Smithsonian Institution, the Barbara Able Gallery in Santa Fe, the Trickster Gallery in Chicago, and the American Indian Community House Gallery in New York.

"Bill is an artist in the purest sense, across the spectrum of creativity," said Mark Hilliard, O'More president. "We're looking forward to providing the opportunity for our students to learn from him while he's painting, performing and lecturing on campus."

Throughout his career, Miller has achieved various accomplishments. In 1984, he received national attention while opening for Tori Amos. More than 23 years later, he earned a 2007 Lifetime Achievement honor from the Native American Music Awards. In recent years, he released an album titled Chronicles of Hope.

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