Ohio College of Massotherapy offers online massage degree program

Students interested in online courses and massage therapy may want to explore classes offered at the Ohio College of Massotherapy.

The school's online massotherapy program utilizes both synchronous and asynchronous learning modes in its web-based curriculum. Furthermore, the course of study involves real-time internet-based question and answer sessions, instant email, two-way audio and hands-on residential intensive training. The college is one of the first to use this technology for massotherapy.

Online courses allow students to access the class materials from anywhere at anytime, which is especially important for individuals who have families or prior obligations. Students will make use of video tapes, audio recordings, faxes, telephone communication as well as web-based components.

Students are required to complete six semesters, which equates to 68 credit hours, in order to receive an associate's degree in massage therapy. The school offers a Swedish massage and advanced level curricula as well.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for massage therapists are expected to increase by 19 percent in the coming years, which translates to more than 23,000 new available positions.


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