Northern Arizona University alumna helps bats find homes

Wildlife biologists study the origins, behavior, diseases, genetics and life processes of animals and wildlife, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those who are interested in pursuing a career in this field may want to consider enrolling at Northern Arizona University (NAU), as the school offers a biological science major.

Liz Mering, a former NAU School of Forestry graduate student, is seeking to help bat populations that have been making nests in house eaves, the university reports. Bats prefer to live in standing dead ponderosa pine trees, which are no longer abundant in Southwestern forests anymore.

To solve the shortage in bat housing, Mering is introducing bat condominiums to local neighborhoods.

"We have two kinds of artificial roosts that mount onto the trunks of large trees and mimic the characteristics of dead, old ponderosa pines," Mering said.

The alumna has posted approximately 100 artificial roosts in trees around Flagstaff.

Noting the importance of bats in the ecosystem, the Forest Service has purchased 50 bat habitats.

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