North Iowa Area Community College hosts spirituality workshops

Students who are interested in learning about minority cultures and religions, such as those of Native Americans, may benefit from enrolling at North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC). The institution offers many unique workshops including one called Natural Spirituality.

NIACC reports that program was lead by Ed McGaa, who is a registered Teton Oglala and was born on the Pine Ridge reservation. His Oglala Sioux name is Eagle Man.

McGaa's presentation was designed to show participants how to integrate spiritual sensitivity with common sense. He incorporated ancient Native American wisdom to mix natural spirituality with a belief that humanity is rooted in a living Earth, according to the school. Eagle Man then used these teachings to demonstrate the intricacies of ethics and morals in the world today.

During his life, McGaa has been a Marine Fighter Pilot in Vietnam, earned a law degree and authored eight books, including Mother Earth Spirituality, Nature's Way, Native Wisdom, and Creator's Code. He has participated as a sun dancer under holy men such as Chief Eagle Feather, Chief Fool's Crow and Ben Black Elk.

McGaa is also one of the only people to write about the Oglala religion in first person. 

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