North Greenville University offers a Baptist music ensemble

Students who wish to enroll in a nonsecular institution with a music program may benefit from researching North Greenville University. The school offers Joyful Sound, which is the music ensemble of the Baptist Student Union, according to the university.
Joyful Sound consists of three 10-member vocal teams - each with their own sound technician - and a five-piece band that includes keyboards, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums, that rotates between the teams. In addition, approximately 10 alternate members serve as a part of this ministry, who travel with the groups when full-time members are unable to travel. The teams rehearse, share Bible studies and pray together. 

Joyful Sound members are selected on the basis of their testimony, their personal walk with Jesus Christ and their musical ability. The effectiveness of the ministry is dependent upon the Holy Spirit and the willingness of each group member to maintain a right relationship with the Lord and with each other, according to the school.

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