North Central University offers a Christian postsecondary experience

Each year, thousands of degree seekers begin the process of searching for a Christian faith-based college. Schools such as North Central University (NCU) in Minnesota offer a nonsecular curriculum as well as a Christ-centered community. At NCU, curriculum for all majors includes requirements for foundational Bible and theology classes, the school reports.

NCU also integrates Christian beliefs into classes that are devoted to a particular field of study. The school's daily chapel services are also a big part of the campus community. Students, faculty and staff join in worshiping together at chapel every day.

On the other side of the wall from the main chapel service, another group of learners worships in a smaller auditorium. The school encourages learners to minister to one another through a student-led event called Entry. This type of service offers learners an opportunity to lead in all aspects of a chapel experience, including coordinating and planning the services, participating on worship teams and preaching.

NCU is a member of the Assemblies of God, which is a group of national Christian denominations which together form the world's largest Pentecostal body, according to the group's website.

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