Nazareth College produces play that combines dance and acting

The Nazareth College of Rochester's Theatre Arts Department aims to offer audiences unique performances through forms of expression such as physical theater. In recent years, the department presented Grimm, a dance theater production based on the fables of the Brothers Grimm. The tales were adapted by Lindsay Reading Korth and Lorraine Person.

The play, which is intended for mature audiences, was created to explore how stories evoke universally human themes, such as sorrow and joy, through music, dance and narrative. The performance focuses on myth and character as defined by Carl Jung, the first modern psychologist. It was designed to show the dark violence in the stories that reflect nightmare and daydream realities.

The department blends dance and acting together to create physical theater. According to the school, the design elements are closer to dance than traditional theater, and emphasize the human form and shape of the body. Dance and design students worked on the production for more than two years.

The public's interest in dance will sustain large and mid-size companies in the coming years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

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