Mount Saint Mary College offers exploration into Thomas Aquinas

Catholic degree seekers who wish to enrich their academic studies with faith-based learning opportunities may want to consider attending Mount Saint Mary College in New York. The school boasts thoughtful programs, such as a philosophy workshop titled Thomas Aquinas and Contemporary Philosophy.

The Catholic and Dominican Institute of Mount Saint Mary College hosted the event, which offered an analysis of Aquinas' interest in the relationship between faith and reason, and how they work together to reveal truth. Charles Zola, director of the Catholic and Dominican Institute and a philosophy professor at the college, said that the workshop is dedicated to exploring the reconciliation of these seemingly opposite approaches to life.

Charles Morerod, rector of the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome and secretary of the International Theological Commission, gave the keynote address.

Students who attended the event received the opportunity to meet with the Aquinas scholars who spoke during the presentation.

According to the school, the Catholic and Dominican Institute - which is rooted in intellectual tradition - seeks to promote the college's Dominican heritage, advance the charism of learning and service, provide a forum for discussion of contemporary ethical issues, and enhance Catholic and Jewish dialogue. 

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