Moody Bible Institute enables students to take their faith to the skies

Individuals who are deeply religious may be torn between a life of devotion and a career that requires a college degree. Fortunately, some schools offer programs that can enable these individuals to achieve both of these goals.

For instance, the Moody Bible Institute in Spokane enables enrollees to earn associate's and bachelor's degrees in missionary aviation technology.

According to the school's website, the department that is devoted to the subject aims to prepare students to use aviation technology to complete missions in world evangelization. Individuals who choose to enroll in this course of study graduate with an associate's degree in airframe and powerplant technology as well as a bachelor's degree in missionary aviation technology.

The curriculum spans a wide variety of subjects, including general education, missions, aviation and Bible study.

Prior to entering the program, degree seekers need to earn at least 15 semester credit hours through approved Bible-related classes. Individuals who have not fulfilled this requirement may do so by taking extra classes while they complete their other coursework. 

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