Moody Bible Institute boasts largest Christian radio network

High school students who wish to continue their education at a religious institution may be surprised at the number of extracurricular activities that these schools offer. For example, Moody Bible Institute (MBI) in Illinois hosts Moody Radio, which is one of the largest Christian radio networks in the U.S., according to the university.

Located in downtown Chicago, Moody Radio has 35 owned and operated stations, and over 700 affiliates and outlets that carry all or part of its programming. The network airs a variety of shows that are directed primarily toward a fundamentalist Christian audience. The format ranges between music, lecture, campus chapel, listener-interactive talk and Bible devotionals.

In 1958, MBI purchased WCRF in Cleveland, Ohio, and then WDLM in Moline, Illinois. The network eventually grew to include 35 stations in the continental U.S. By the end of the 1960s, the network's audience had increased to 30 million listeners. In 1982, Moody Radio began a satellite-fed network that enabled communications across the country.

Moody Radio provides biblical programming 24 hours a day. Some of the most popular and award-winning programs include: Midday Connection, Chris Fabry Live!, In the Market with Janet Parshall, and Music Thru the Night.


  1. terri

    Question regarding Moody Radio:
    I love Moody Radio. But recently I have been concerned because many presentations on the radio are coming from preachers/teachers who have been getting a bad reputation for doing contemplative prayer, emerging church speech, and other bad things instituted by Rick Warren and his type. How can I know Moody is going to be careful about these speakers infiltrating the church through Moody? Even David Jeremiah has been heard quoting “The Message,” and is reputed to be doing contemplative prayer. Is anyone in charge of keeping the Scriptures pure?

  2. linda

    We are concerned with our church using Rick Warren’s books and videos for in home bible studies. We never got anything out of these studies but never could pin point anything heretic. My husband and I are very concerned now that we a reading his a ssociations with very questionable people, the type of practices he is encouraging (TM), and just the plain old gospel seems to be missing. Is this a concern? We are a very large church, growing very quickly… I see that having resources such as he has had would help with the growth. I just cant believe that our new christians would get any closer to Jesus and his word with Rick Warrens “theology”. What do you know of “” She is brigning up a lot of scary things about Rick Warren but I have never heard of her. Thank you, Linda from Frankfort, IL

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