Mitchell College launches online radio station

Broadcast engineering technicians and radio operators perform a wide variety of tasks, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor of Statistics. Their duties include setting up and maintaining the electrical equipment that is used in nearly all radio and television broadcasts, concerts, plays, sound recordings and movies. There are many specialized occupations in this field.

Those who wish to launch careers in this industry can get their start at Mitchell College in Connecticut, as the school launched an online radio station called Radio Mitchell.

"The music is going to be very diverse because we are allowing students to choose and coordinate the programming," said John McGowan, student DJ and station manager. "We'll feature every genre from Top 40s to the golden oldies, and we hear that some faculty members would like to host a program as well."

According to the school, McGowan has experience in radio and audio production, and will act as a coach in techniques and programming. He will also oversee station operations and promotions.

A new studio was built on the second floor of Michael's Dairy - the school-owned ice cream shop - from which all broadcasts will air. Training facilities were built in the campus' Bond House.

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