Mills College offers international opportunities for women

Female degree seekers who wish to learn about gender studies may benefit from attending Mills College, as the school is engaged in a partnership with the International Museum of Women. Mills is the only college in the U.S. to boast such a collaboration, which also includes the Ayala Museum and Miriam College in the Philippines, the Women's Museum and Aarhus University in Denmark, and the Sudanese Women's Museum and Ahfad University in Sudan.

The partnership was designed to raise awareness of the status of young women in today's global economy.

"Mills is honored to join this distinctive partnership as part of our commitment to increase our understanding of the global economy in support of the advancement of women worldwide," said Sandra C. Greer, Mills College Provost.

She added that the collaboration is "an outstanding model for 21st-century education that reaches across continents, illuminating critical issues of our time."

As a result of the partnership, students from Denmark, the Philippines and the U.S. will participate in the Young Women Speaking the Economy project, which explores gender, culture, work, poverty and wealth around the world. The project uses art, multimedia, blogging, public presentations as well as face-to-face and virtual conversations to engage young women with each other, their communities and other countries.

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