Midway College rewards students for service with scholarship

Approximately 47 percent of all undergraduate degree candidates receive tuition assistance from the government, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. However, many students are awarded scholarships, grants and other forms of financial aid from their academic institutions.

For example, Midway College in Kentucky names a Ruth Slack Roach Scholar each year. The school reports that Taylor Wade is one of the school's scholarship recipients. Wade, who majors in teacher education, is also a member of the Midway Eagles softball team and serves as Student Government Association president.

"This award was created by friends and others who knew my mother, to commemorate her spirit," said Helen Roach, the daughter of Ruth Slack Roach, the namesake of the scholarship. "That spirit was reflected in the service she gave to her community and the programs she helped create to enhance the lives of others. Among her good works she started the Headstart program in Midway, the Midway Recreation Department and raised money for the first swimming pool in Woodford County at Falling Springs."

She added that "it is that spirit of doing and making a difference that we honor with this scholarship today."

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