Messiah College offers sustainable Christian education

High school students who are searching for a Christian institution to attend in order to gain a postsecondary education may want to consider enrolling at Messiah College. The school is one of only four Christian colleges in the nation to offer a bachelor of arts in sustainability studies, Messiah reports in a press release.

The humanities- and social sciences-focused degree is designed to emphasize the social, ecological and economic components of sustainable communities. Graduates of this program can be prepared for careers in public service or law. Students who desire a less interdisciplinary and more science-focused study can opt for courses in environmental science or environmental engineering.

The "green movement" began at Messiah more than 40 years ago. In 1971, Man and His Environmental Problems was a required course for all students. Then, in 1981, the Humankind and the Environment course inspired the college's student group, Earthkeepers, to implement a campus-wide recycling initiative.

Today, environmental stewardship efforts at the college include, a robust recycling program, an organic community garden, a student-led composting program and active restoration of the on-campus Yellow Breeches Creek.


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