Marquette University boasts rich history, attachment to technology

Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based Marquette University is very proud of its connection to the past. The school - which was founded in 1881 - is home to many valuable artifacts, including J.R.R. Tolkien manuscripts, Dali's Madonna of Port Lligat and a statue of St. Thomas More, according to

However, the institution's Jesuit affiliation and attachment to history has not prevented it from staying in stride with innovations in technology.

For example, the school's radio station, Marquette Radio is available through two additional forms of media. Students who wish to tune in can do so over the school's website or by putting their televisions on channel 96, according to the website.

Marquette also offers prospective students a glimpse of how technology can make their lives more efficient. In an effort to make campus tours available at any time, the school allows applicants to download a guide onto their iPods, according to the university's website. An eight-part video tour is also available for download on this page.

For individuals who are less than enthused by technology, the school boasts a nationally ranked men's basketball program. 

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