Jazz pianist Ellis Marsalis attended Loyola University

High school students who wish to study jazz music may benefit from attending Loyola University in Louisiana. Many famous musicians graduated from the school, including Harry Connick Jr. and Ellis Marsalis. According to Marsalis' website, he enrolled in the graduate program at Loyola University and graduated with a master's of music education.

The musician began his career playing tenor saxophone and eventually switched to piano. After attending college, Marsalis became very popular among the New Orleans music scene, mostly because he played jazz instead of Dixieland or rhythm and blues.

Throughout his career, Marsalis had performed with dozens of groups, released nearly 20 albums and was featured on numerous others. However, after receiving notoriety, he began to focus on teaching. NPR reports that Marsalis integrates his passion for philosophy into his teaching.

During his career as an educator, he influenced musicians such as Terence Blanchard, Harry Connick Jr. and Nicholas Payton, as well as his four sons. Marsalis and his children are group recipients of the 2011 NEA Jazz Masters Award.

In 2007, the pianist was inducted into The Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.

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