Lincoln University works with farmers to improve U.S. agriculture

Individuals who wish to obtain higher education in order to improve agriculture in the U.S. may benefit from enrolling at Lincoln University in Missouri. Officials from the school's Cooperative Extension program announced in a press release that its Innovative Small Farmers' Outreach can assist small, underserved farmers and ranchers in seven counties in the Kansas City area.

Jim Pierce - the program's outreach coordinator for Clay County - has worked in the field by providing research based information, sources and feedback in rural and urban settings. He said the initiative aims to provide a farm outreach worker for one-on-one visits to foster relationships with the farmer or rancher. In this way, relevant technical information, available programs and other resource information can be exchanged, according to Pierce.

There is also help for those who are socially disadvantaged and underserved, to raise the level of efficiency on their farms while taking care of the soil, water and the environment. The program's mission is to make farmers aware and assist them in accessing these resources, Pierce said.

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