Leeward Community College hosts original plays

Estimates from the Pew Research Center suggest that community colleges enroll close to half of all U.S. undergraduates. They are some of the most diverse academic institutions in America, enrolling international students who come from more than 95 countries and speak 75 different languages.

Those who wish to attend a community college may be unaware of the various extracurricular programs that these schools offer. Leeward Community College in Hawaii hosts an annual play. In past years, the school has performed original material, such as a piece called Argonautika, the Aloha Update reports.

The play put a 21st-century spin on the story of Jason and The Argonauts. The story follows Jason on his quest for the Golden Fleece, where he encounters the Gods of Ancient Greece and the heroes of ageless mythology, including Hercules, the twins Castor and Pollux, Athena, Orpheus, Odysseus and Sorceress Medea. The protagonist and his crew battle monsters, thwart treacherous Kings and defy odds in their quest.

Argonautika was first presented in 2006 at the famed Lookingglass Theater in Chicago.

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