Kent State offers opportunities for liquid crystal technology research

Students who use e-book readers such as the Kindle may be unaware that the screen contains particles that are dispersed in fluid and controlled by an electric field. Those who are interested in the science behind technology may benefit from enrolling in a related degree program.

One school that offers extensive research programs is Kent State University. The college reports that it founded the Liquid Crystal Institute, which is the birthplace of important technologies such as the electric field-controlled liquid crystal display and polymer-liquid crystal composite.

A team of researchers at the university discovered a new version of a widely used scientific technique. The old technique is electrophoresis - through which an applied electric field is used to move particles dispersed in a fluid - and the new idea is to use a liquid crystal as the fluid. The result is increased versatility, which may lead to new uses in display technologies. Their findings are published in Nature, an international journal of science.

Electrophoresis has many uses including the "electronic ink" in e-book readers, and in the separation of DNA fragments in genome sequencing.

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