Keene State College offers lauded teaching program

Individuals who want to give back to their community in the form of teaching may be interested in Keene State College, which is located in New Hampshire.

The school was established as a teacher's college early in the 1900's. As such, the education curriculum includes four tracks including early childhood development, elementary education, secondary education, and special education - elementary.

The program is based on the school's Teacher Education Conceptual Framework, which prepares teachers in a variety of ways. For instance, professors will educate students on the dynamic nature of the teaching and learning process. Furthermore, the students are expected to demonstrate professional and ethical behaviors that meet the high expectations and standards of the institution.

The coursework builds on the ecological theories of human development and examines the contexts in which educational systems exist from the perspective of multiple worldviews. However, acceptance to Keene State College does not automatically guarantee admission to the teacher education program, student teaching or eligibility for certification.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment opportunities for elementary school teachers are projected to increase by 16 percent in the coming years.

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