Harrisburg University aims to make STEM education fun

As science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education grows increasingly important in American learning systems, schools such as Harrisburg University in Pennsylvania, are seeking to make STEM fields fun.

For example, the school held a Learning and Entertainment Evolution Forum (LEEF), the purpose of which was to change the nature of education and work with games, simulations and virtual worlds, according to the university.

The interactive professional development event was designed to show how learning and entertainment technologies have merged and continue to change in order to produce solutions that redefine education.

Presentations at the forum included, Fun is Not the Enemy of Work, Immersive Education and Training as well as How IBM Leads Changes with Serious Games.

Speakers used case studies, exhibits and other hands-on learning opportunities to demonstrate how games, simulations and virtual worlds are used for leadership and program management.

Those who wish to launch careers in this field may benefit financially, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that professionals in STEM occupations can earn an average of $64,650 per year.

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