Gonzaga University alumni have comedy writing contract with NBC

Two graduates of Gonzaga University have a six-figure contract with NBC, after their comedy work was found on YouTube. Luke Barats and Joe Bereta formed Barats and Bereta Productions, which has launched viral videos such as "Ninja Rap," "Cubicle Wars," and "Mother's Day," according to their website.

Their work has received millions of hits on file-sharing websites such as YouTube and CollegeHumor, according to the Gonzaga Bulletin. Bereta said their ultimate dream is to write, direct and appear in their creations, reaching the most people possible and having fun in the process.

NBC offered them a six-figure deal to pursue their work, under which Barats and Bereta hope to continue producing similar material. Their initial reaction to the offer was shock, "quickly followed by happiness," Bereta told the news source.

The duo first met in 2003 while participating in Gonzaga University Theatre Sports (GUTS), the school's improvisational comedy club. After participation in GUTS and one spoof video production, Barats and Bereta continued writing and producing videos to post online.

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