Georgia Institute of Technology is home to many famous Americans

Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) is home to many prominent historical figures and researchers throughout American history. Nobel Peace Prize winners, chief operating officers, Medal of Honor recipients, famous athletes and even a President of the United States attended the school.

Jimmy Carter, who was the 39th President of the United States, attended Georgia Tech during the 1940s. After graduation he served in the Navy on surface ships and on diesel-electric submarines in the Atlantic and Pacific fleets.

Carter served two terms in the Georgia Senate from the state's 14 district where he chaired the education committee. He declined a third term as a state senator to pursue a gubernatorial run, which he assumed in 1971. He supported many controversial issues including abortion and civil rights, which helped end racial segregation in the South.

He later ran for president in 1976 under the democratic ticket and won on the heels of the Watergate scandal, which was still fresh on voters' minds.

His post-presidential life led him to winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to finding peaceful solutions to international conflicts and to advance democracy and human rights through The Carter Center.

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