Fordham University launches Center for Positive Marketing

Marketing managers promote an organization's products and services, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. These professionals also develop pricing strategies to help maximize profits and market share while ensuring that the firms' customers are satisfied. In collaboration with other managers, they monitor trends that indicate the need for new products and services, and they oversee development.

Those who wish to launch careers in this field may benefit from enrolling at Fordham University, as the school created a research lab called that Center for Positive Marketing (CPM). The center was designed to focus on the demand aspects of consumption.

"Marketing is one of the main ties that binds the themes of globalization of, and social responsibility in, business," said Dawn Lerman, the center's director, associate professor and area chair of marketing. "Fordham's Jesuit mission and the caliber of its business schools make the university uniquely positioned to house this type of research center and to explore these themes."

Plans for CPM include an executive-in-residence program, research fellowships, developing a survey and index on consumer well-being, holding an annual conference and convening roundtable discussions as well as seminars. 

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