Salman Rushdie is Emory University’s Writer in Residence

Salman Rushdie, the controversial author of 14 books, including his Booker Prize-winning novel Midnight's Children, The Satanic Verses and The Enchantress of Florence, was also Emory University's Distinguished Writer in Residence for five consecutive years.

Rushdie has received numerous honors, including the Whitbread Novel Award, which he has won twice, according to the school. His novel Midnight's Children was named the Best of the Booker Prize in 2008 for being the greatest prizewinner in the history of the award. In 2007, Rushdie was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in recognition of his contributions to literature.

During his fifth year as Distinguished Writer in Residence, Rushdie participated in public conversations, such as Truth and Memory, which addressed the subject of the memoir.

"Salman Rushdie's work expands beyond the boundaries of fiction to consider important matters of memory and truth," said Rosemary Magee, vice president and secretary of the university. "His perspective on the history and place of memoir in our literary tradition will similarly expand our own assumptions about these questions." 

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