Journalism students at Emmanuel College visit Fox 25 newsroom

Individuals who study broadcast journalism have a number of career options. For example, newscasters examine, interpret and broadcast news received from various sources, while anchors present stories and introduce videotaped news or live transmissions from on-the-scene reporters. News correspondents report on issues that are occurring in the cities where they are stationed.

Those who wish to launch careers in this field may want to enroll at Emmanuel College, where students have the opportunity to visit a Fox 25 news studio. In past years, learners have been invited to participate in election night coverage.

Alumna Sarah Talty, who works for the station, invited the students of special instructor of journalism Mark Baard, who was one of her professors at Emmanuel.

"This opportunity will allow these students to bring to their future internships and early careers a better appreciation of the fast-paced environment, the need to collaborate and write compelling stories, and the time constraints found at established news organizations," said Baard.

Anne MacIntyre, a student who was invited to participate, said "the experience was unreal. I felt like my dream of becoming a newscaster or at least working at a TV station became more realistic." 

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