D’Youville College Offers Career Discovery Program

High school students may feel cornered by universities that require applicants to pick a course of study during the application process. However, D'Youville College in New York offers a Career Discovery Program (CDP) in addition to sample courses in particular majors.

Enrollees in the CDP are advised to job shadow in place of interning. Students can choose their own mentor or gain assistance from the Career Services Center.

The benefits of CDP include being more informed about degree requirements and having the opportunity to test majors through introductory courses as well as completing core curriculum. Those who choose the CDP will not be behind in their degree track as students earn academic credit for participation in the program.

Students have dozens of degree options from which to choose, including many dual programs. For example, the school offers a five-year accounting and international business program, the completion of which results in a bachelor's and master's degree. The college also offers one of the only chiropractic programs in the country to provide students with a bachelor's and doctorate degree in seven years. 

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