Dominican University partners with Interfaith Youth Core to support campus dialogue

High school students who wish to attend a postsecondary program with an emphasis on global values may benefit from enrolling at Dominican University. According to a press release, the school is part of a collaborative initiative with Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) as a campus that encourages interfaith discussions. Dominican is one of two universities in Chicago to be part of the program.

The partnership began with a self-assessment of the culture at Dominican. Staff members as well as students are encouraged to meet and discuss how identity, religious diversity and cooperation can relate to the school's overall goals.

"So much of the work of IFYC has taken place at Catholic campuses, including Dominican University," said IFYC co-founder Eboo Patel in an interview with America magazine. "Catholic universities take faith, service, diversity and leadership very, very seriously. I think that the Catholic colleges and universities in America can take the lead in showing the country and the world what a model of interfaith cooperation looks like."

The next phase of the partnership involved the addition of new programs and events that support the mission of the organizations.

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