The Design Institute of San Diego offers students an extensive Materials Lab

High school students who are interested in interior design may want to consider enrolling in a degree program at an art school. The Design Institute of San Diego offers students a wealth of resources, including a Materials Lab, according to the school.

The lab has fabrics, tiles, carpeting, wood, rubber, stone, wall and window coverings as well as paint samples and books. Natasha Estes and Zack Wilkie are the Material Lab assistants who are responsible for organization, communicating with firms who want to donate, scheduling deliveries and helping students find what they need. They are always working to improve the lab by coming up with new ideas, such as a rotation method to better circulate the new materials.

Wilkie believes it is the school's relationship with the design community that creates this highly unique and useful resource for the student body, the institute reports. Some of Estes' favorite materials include three-form and wood trims as well as some of the latest fabric books, eco-friendly flooring and ceramic carpeting.

Having such a large selection and variety of materials available is helpful to the students who are often in need of samples for projects.

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